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tD Brings in New Writers

by Miryam Coppersmith

tD is thrilled to welcome fifteen new writers to our roster. Joining the writing team are:

des amaiya

Jamie Bogert

Catja Christensen

Courtney Colón

Ziying Cui

Patriann Edwards

Mara Flamm

Courtney Henry

Ellen Miller

Megan Mizanty

Jennifer Passios

Rachel DeForrest Repinz

Charly Santagado

Amy Schofield

Madeline Shuron


They’ve already gotten to work, writing    reviews and crucially extending our coverage during the busy Fringe season.  Here's a look at some of the work they've published so far!

Constructing a Ballet Dream: KCBC’s Contemporary Ballet Performance in 2023 Fringe by Ziying Cui

Timespan of a Melting Candy by Megan Mizanty

Be Stoked, My Shaking Heart by Mara Flamm


Stay tuned as they continue to write their first pieces in the coming months!


Inside Our Hiring Process

thINKingDANCE is committed to a collective decision making process. Six of our writers and editors read every application for the quality of the writing sample, the experience and perspectives  mentioned in applicants' cover letters, and applicants' ability to contribute and commit to this Philadelphia-based organization. After compiling this holistic data, we reached a consensus about who was the best fit for tD.

By Miryam Coppersmith
September 13, 2023

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