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Guest Writer Policy

by Emma Cohen

thINKingDANCE (tD) is committed to supporting our roster of writers through equitable pay, editorial support, education efforts, and opportunities for growth within the organization. As such, we have limited capacity for pieces written by guests. If you are interested in joining our organization, we encourage you to apply during our annual call for writers.

We accept letters to the editor and responses to writing published on the site, as well as proposals for guest-written pieces, on a limited basis.

What we are looking for from guest-written pieces:

  • Alignment with our mission statement

  • Thoughtful pieces that provide a perspective or address a topic that fills a gap in our roster-generated coverage

  • A clear connection to the Philadelphia dance community

  • We do not accept any previously published pieces

How to pitch an article as a non-tD writer:

  • Send a complete draft of your article, as well as a brief explanation of why you think it would be a valuable addition to tD, to editor@thinkingdance.net

    • With rare exception, pieces are limited to the following word-counts:

      • Reviews: 400-800 words

      • Interviews: 800-1200 words

      • Think pieces: 1000-1200 words

      • Book Reviews: 800-1000 words

  • If you do not yet have a complete draft, feel free to send an outline detailing what you are interested in writing about, what perspective you will bring to the piece, and why you think the piece would be a good fit for tD. If possible, please send a sample of your previous writing as well.

All guest writers will be paid our standard fee (20-21 season) of $50 per article and will go through our two-tiered editing process whereby the writer works with two separate editors to refine and publish the piece.

If you would like to request coverage or pitch a story to tD, feel free to email us at editor@thinkingdance.net, or reach out to us on Instagram at @thinkingdance. For more information on how coverage is determined at tD, take a look at What We Publish, How We Do It, and Why.

By News Desk
March 4, 2021

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