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Meet the Writers: Kilian Kröll

What are you most excited to cover through TD?
The line between intellectual rigor and mass appeal intrigues me, both as a writer and a viewer of dance. This may stem from my simultaneous infatuation with Janet Jackson and Bill T. Jones during my formative teenage years.

Which part is challenging, scary, difficult?

When a dance pushes my buttons, I get scared to write about it. But that’s when it counts the most.

How did you learn to type?

The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing CD-ROM endowed me with this practical life skill during my junior year in college.

What is Thinking Dance REALLY about, in your opinion?
thINKingDANCE is really about the writer’s relationship with his editor.

Finish this sentence "Good dance....."
Good dance activates my imagination, weaves in novel ideas, plays with rhythm, and surprises me.

How has TD affected your other dance-related work?

Dance companies have hired me as their organizational coach after I’d written about their work. All kinds of doors can open when you reflect back – even critically – someone’s ideas and actions.

What would your parents say about your work in the arts?

My parents – all of them classical musicians – have cautiously recommended against a career in dance. (“You work the most, get paid the least, and have to retire when you’re 30.”) But they fully support my writing life. What they really want is grandchildren.

Finish this sentence "Good writing..."  
Good writing activates my imagination, weaves in novel ideas, plays with rhythm, and surprises me.

By Kilian Kröll
September 28, 2012

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