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Taking Back the Forgotton Female
Photo: Delaney Malloy

Taking Back the Forgotton Female

Whitney Weinstein talks with Megan Mizanty about the "disposable woman".

Whitney Weinstein
October 16, 2018

Illusions in a Red Room
Photo: Eliza Leighton

Illusions in a Red Room

Leighton has provocatively shaped a room that forces me into conflict.

Thomas Choinacky
October 17, 2018

A Planet Made Soft
Photo: Kate Raines

A Planet Made Soft

Shoes are not allowed. Crawling, burping, and being are.

Jenna Horton
October 22, 2018

Howling for Equality
Photo: Elaina DiMonaco & Haygen-Brice Walker

Howling for Equality

Highlighting issues like sexual assault and eating disorders contributed to the complexity of the characters.

Whitney Weinstein
October 23, 2018

Ravishing Baroque Dance at Ravensong
Photo: Les Corps Eloquents

Ravishing Baroque Dance at Ravensong

A virtuoso dancer, fine actor and deeply versed historian, Hazebroucq's baroque dancing thrilled.

Lynn Matluck Brooks
October 25, 2018

"A Rap" Needs a Flow
Photo: Tino Tran

"A Rap" Needs a Flow

A danced conversation between Margaret Mead and James Baldwin.

Miryam Coppersmith
October 27, 2018

chipaumire: Unlimit Freedom
Photo: Ian Douglas

chipaumire: Unlimit Freedom

'Freedom is not on Facebook. Get off fucking Instagram. True liberation is a process of deep work.'

Carolyn Merritt
October 29, 2018

Ten Tiny Dances Alight at Mascher Space Cooperative
Photo: J.H. Kertis

Ten Tiny Dances Alight at Mascher Space Cooperative

A small army of rambunctious revelers attacked the square from four approaches.

Jonathan Stein
October 30, 2018

Gritty in Performance
Illustration: Jenny Kessler

Gritty in Performance

Philadelphia’s Gritty is a new classic, the jawn of all jawns.

Mira Treatman
October 31, 2018

Three by PAB
Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

Three by PAB

Moments of stunning vulnerability took my breath away.

Lynn Matluck Brooks
November 11, 2018

Reflections from the Philadelphia Museum of Dance
Photo: JJ Tiziou

Reflections from the Philadelphia Museum of Dance

Six tD writers report on the elements of the moving museum that moved them.

Kalila Kingsford Smith
November 14, 2018

The Body Endures
Photo: Mar C. Llop

The Body Endures

Three solo works move through contemporary notions of gender, pain, and the body.

Megan Bridge
November 15, 2018


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